Q. How much is shipping?
A. Single bobble head is around $20, and double (2) bobble heads is around $25.  It depends on the body style and weight.

Q. Do you offer Rush Delivery?  How much ?
A. Yes! Rush delivery is $25 for a single bobble head.  Rush order can be completed and delivered within 4-6 weeks.  However, it still depends on how fast customer approves the order.   After you approved the bobble head, it will take 5-7 days deliver the order to you.

Q. How long does it take from order date to delivery? 
A. Standard delivery is 6-8 weeks.  Rush delivery is 4-6 weeks

Q. How do I order?

A. Please refer to How to Order.

Q. What type of photos do I need to submit?
A. Refer to Photo Guideline.

Q. How much does it weigh, and what size?

A. it depends on the figures that you order (5" - 7" height). Each figure weights around 1lb.

Q. Can I put my customized bobble head on top of the cake as cake topper?
A. Yes. Please consult with your bakery, and have them put a support inside the cake for you.

Q. What materials do you use to sculpt the customized bobble head?
A. Poly-clay. Once sculpted, figures are baked in high temperature. The figures are not harmful towards humans and will not mold.

Q. How do I keep my customized bobble head clean?
A. You can clean the customized bobble head with a damp cotton swab.

Q: Do you create pets?
A: No.  Not at this time.

Q. What is the return policy?
A. All sales are final, no returns or exchanges are permitted.

Q. Does the customized bobble head come with a base or a glass dome?
A. Unfortunately, we do not provide glass domes / base at this time.

Q: What if the personalized cake topper is damaged during shipping?
A: Contact us at info@bobblebobble.com immediately if your figure was damaged upon receipt. Submit a photo of the damaged part and we will provide you with return instructions and either replace the damaged part or send you a new figure at no charge.

Q: Will the customized bobble head look like me in person?
A: NO. The bobblehead will look like the photos that you've submitted.

Q: Can I preview my figures before it is shipped out?
A: YES. Customers can preview each stage of the sculpting process. The head of the figure can be changed or modified at each stage until the customer is fully satisfied.